Neutron scattering methods for soft condensed matter and food materials

Scattering methods for soft condensed matter

The topic of our research is the development of neutron scattering methods and their application in soft condensed matter. Most of this work has to do with the spin-echo small-angle neutron scattering (SESANS) method that we have developed in our group. This research involves two different disciplines.

On the one hand we have the method development: building new neutron spin manipulation devices, thinking of new methods, calculating magnetic fields, designing data acquisition strategies and developing data-analysis methods and software.

On the other hand the applications require chemical/biological skills for sample preparation and handling, building sample cells for in situ measurements and knowledge about the systems. We do this work in collaboration with other universities, research institutes and industries.

We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists embedded in the section Neutron & Positron Methods for Materials within the Radiation Science and Technology group located in the Reactor Institute Delft.