Outside work


As a child, I started already with rowing. I row since I was a student, nearly every year the head of the river.

Running is always a nice support sport, especially when I am travelling. Even though I prefer shorter distances, I've been running the last ten years the damloop with friends.

A more recent passion (since 1994) is aikido. Aikido is a fascinating harmonious martial art. I obtained my sandan in 2017. I have an aikido teachers diploma Level 2 (Aikido NL/NOC*NSF) since 2019. I am always happy when my teachers aren't there so that I can give the class.


I enjoy eating and cooking. I try to cook Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Indian, Japanse and Chinese. On the other hand, I try to understand the process of cooking and the enjoyment of eating. That is touching my science. I've learnt a lot from the books of koken met kennis. They show how scientific knowledge can improve your cooking. An entertaining cooking book for scientists is cooking for geeks by Jeff Potter. Right now I have great fun reading about the science of the experience of eating Fornemmelse for smag by Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrbaek combined with some good recipes.

You can see some of my photographs on Instagram.